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"Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Working with Civicom these past couple of years has shown me that one can still earn a salary at par with office-based professionals within the comfort of one's home. You won't have to be stressed with the daily commute to work, you can work on your files in your pajamas and best of all, you get to be your own boss and manage your own time - as long as you pass your file on time, of course. To top things off, the icing on the cake is definitely the above-industry compensation you get to earn, with various bonus schemes to boot, and a very supportive and reliable transcription team who are just an IM, text or email away, day or night, ready to help you out whenever you have a query or concern."

—Sinta C. — Senior Transcriber

"I accidentally found Civicom's ad looking for home-based transcribers on the internet and at first, I was doubtful that it might be a scam since there are lots of those on the internet. But since I had been accepted and have been part of the Civicom transcriber team since Oct 2007, I've been enjoying my work. Everything is legit; what you produce is what you'll get paid for and they give out incentives for good quality work. The salary goes direct to your bank account on time and the work load is according to your time and day preference. The editors are very accommodating and they regularly give feedback on our work."

—Christie C. — Senior Transcriber

"I've been with Civicom for almost 21 months and it still amazes me that working from home is indeed possible. My experience has been very good so far and I've always felt that I've been well remunerated for all the efforts that I put into my work. Working from home has allowed me to better manage my time and even though work is in an individual setting, I do feel that I'm part of one big team that is Civicom."

—Hazel M. — Senior Transcriber

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